What warranty does FURNILUSH have for its products?

Here are all the warranty details :

For products made of wood, Veneer (solid wood or otherwise) :

  • A year’s warranty on any manufacturing defects.
  • Lifetime warranty in case of a rare occurrence of borers in your solid wood furniture. Borers are tiny insects that feed on the wood, usually come from the wood itself. If you see white powder around your furniture, just contact us and we’ll help. Don’t worry.

For our sofas :

  • A 3-year warranty on the sofa structure
  • 2-year warranty on the cushions against any manufacturing defects. Normal usage or normal wear and tear isn’t covered under warranty. With sofas, the cushions do get softer over time and will conform to the shape of the user, or the position the user sits in. Fibre-filled backs and arm rests will flatten with time. We also do not offer any warranty on upholstery for sofas.

For our mattresses: Details here.

What can I do if my product is damaged?

We apologize if that ever happens.

If you notice that you are facing issues with your furniture, please feel free to write to us at info@furnilush.com or call us at 042-3*******.

We will file a complaint on your behalf and have our After Sales team call you. In case your product(s) has crossed our warranty period, we can’t promise that we will replace or repair for you. However, do reach out to us and we’ll surely try to help as best as we can.